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QMobile NOIR Z12 Video Review in Urdu (Full length)

Augmented Golden Shine

Noir Z-series keeps its tradition maintain to give you phones of a splendid class. Noir Z12 is an other piece of excellence in terms of glamour and performance from the famous Pakistani mobile phone company. A phone that is nice to see, pleasant to touch and offers you a lot more new stuff inside it.

Before Noir Z12, QMobile has released 10 smart phones in Z-series and this eleventh member take you into a new world of excitement. It gives you a 32GB of ROM and 3GB of RAM to workout all your tasks on it flawlessly. The body of NOIR Z12 is made up with Golden Metal. A glossy metal strips has been made along the edges that shines and gives the phone a golden look. The edges in the room as well as in sun light. A premium finishing of its outlook adds charm and beauty to this mobile.

Its grip is finely strong in hand and it does not really tend to slip from your hand. Its body is not bulky at 135g but its overall expression in your hand is somehow big due to a 5.3" display.

We have baked its video Review in two parts that cover its all prominent features with explanation in Urdu language. Here is the videos for you. We hope that it will be beneficial for you in your decision of having a advanced smart phone. Don't forget to view Text Review beneath these videos.

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Noir Z12 Introduction

(body description and Live photos)
This phone has 5.3 inches AMOLED screen with Gorilla glass 4 protection coating. Gorrila Glass 4 is there to protect its surface from scratches and other minor damages. The display is very much visible in direct sunlight. It has 1080x1920 pixels resolution that is really fine and give very much crisp view. It does not have AMOLED display but overall experience of display is not bad.

It is Dual-sim phone. Internal memory is 32GB and RAM is 3GB. You can also enhance its memory with a memory card. It support memory card upto 128GB with ease. It also offers you USB On-The-Go feature, with which you can also use your USB-Stick as external memory whenever you feel its need.

It has 1.3 Ghz Octa-core (64-bit) Cortex A3 processor. NOIR Z12 is equipped with an Media Tek MTK-6753 chipset. It is an terrific addition in Octa-core phones of Noir family.

In its retail box, it presents much more stuff like the Noir Z12 handset, hands free, guide book and QMobile service centers' sim ejector contact bookle, a free Silicon cover, a free screen protector, 6GB Zong card (1GB per month for 6 months) and warranty card. The smart cover is an active one and it automatically lock and unlock your phone on closing and opening it. It is a graceful cover when you apply it on the phone, the phone looks very attractive.

You can apply the Silicon back cover on it to protect your phone form scratches and stains. It has Gorilla Glass4 protection on front so if you not paste the given screen protector you can keep you phone safe on a little care of display.

On the front side, this phone has a large 5.3 inch screen. An earpiece, a front-facing camera, A set of sensors and a notification light are the things that are present above the display. The notification light blink into three colors. When you put your phone on charge, the light got blue, on a reminder of a incoming notification it turns green and it indicates you the low batter by blinking in red color.

The three typical Android button are located below the screen. So you can see the buttons even when screen is off. On Right side it has a power/Lock button and Volume rocker. On the Left side, it has a sim tray. You can insert both the sims at the same time on the tray or you may put one sim and a memory card at a time. You have no option to use a secondary sim card and a memory card at the same time. On top it has 3.5mm audio jack and on the bottom, it has a microphone, USB Type-C charging/data transfer port and Stereo Speakers.

On the back side of this phone, you can find, a camera lens with a vivid flash light, a noir logo and QMobile logo. The cover is not removeable. Below this back shield, there is a large 3150mAh battery which works very well.

Noir Z12 Home Screen, Widgets and Wallpapers

This phone has Amigo UI and typical Lollipop Lock Screen that you can swipe upward to unlock it. It offers all the apps on the home page like iOS. There is no separate app menu. You can go in editing mood by swiping the home page upward. There appear Wallpapers, Gadgets and Effects on the bottom. When you select a wallpaper to apply, it asks you to set the blur quantity and where would you like to set the wallpaper. On only home screen, on only lock screen or on both screen at the same time. You can also add live wall papers on it.


Editing Mood

Page Add/Remove


App Search

Live WallPapers
Noir Z12 Dial Pad, Call History, Phonebook, Messages

Noir Z12's dial pad is large enough and all the digits are easy to press. Its call history area has three pages. First for Speed Dials, second call history and third one is your phone book. You can swipe among them easily. A search box always remains at top to search any of your contact any time. Message area is also very charming and cool. There is facility to delete multiple thread at the same time. You can also use swyping in google keyboard. Key board is very much sensitive and shows much accuracy during typing. There is also many other language keyboards in it including Urdu and Chinese.

Dial Pad
In Call Screen
Viewing a Contact
Adding New Contact
Writing Message
Add stuff in Messages
The inbox area is of sea green color that looks very cool to eyes. You can also add different chat wallpapers behind different threads to enhance the beauty of your phone.
QApp Store, System Manager, Alarm, Quick Button

QMobile has also install its QApp Store in Noir Z12. It is an online store that suggest you the best apps in all categories and you can enhance your experience by downloading them. In Noir Z12 there is also a useful technology that is called as Hot Knot that gives you facility to share your data with other Hot Knot Devices. It also offers you a system manager that tells your the used RAM and give you oppurtunity to remove your background apps to clear you RAM. It also gives you a Power Manager, A data traffic control and Eco Mode.

Power Manager gives you three modes. (1) Normal Mood, (2)Power Saving Mood (3) Extreme Power Saving Mood

Eco Mood is also a useful tool. Whenever your free RAM reach at 20% and you want to play some game, it automatically clean up the applications in background and make your mobile clean for a game to play smoothly.
QApp Store
Hot Knot
System Manager
General Search
Quick Button
Google Apps

If you press the home button for a while, it appear a search button upside it. You can search anything in the memory of your phone through this tool. Noir Z12 is an excellent phone when multi-tasking comes in action. Its multi tasking speed is very fine because of its 3GB RAM. No matter how many apps you have been opened at one time, it handle switching among all the apps very fast and smoothly.

Camera UI and Gallery

QMobile Noir Z12 gives a fantastic camera user interface with a bunch of new features. It has a pleasant view finder for both pics and videos. There is only one button to capture an image or start recording a video. But you can switch between still camera and Video recorder by a separate smaller button placed right to the capture button. QR Scanner mood is a new feature that Z12 offers you besides many other options.

It also give you

(1) professional camera controls, (2) Night Shot, (3) Filter Mood, Panorama, (4) Face beauty, (5) HDR mood, (6) Take any time mood, (7) Magic Focus Mood, (8) Pic Note Mood, (9) Ultra Pixels, (10) Smart Scene and (11) GIF mood.

These moods increase the charm and beauty of your shots. We have describe the details of all these moods in our video Review above. All of these options are outclass in their place. The options present in the main setting menu of its Camera UI have also been shown below.

Camera View Finder
Professional Mood
Panorama Mood
HDR Mood
All Modes
Some More
Setting items
If you press the button located in lower left corner in camera UI, it takes you to last captured image. Its Gallery is also a looker. One pic remains larger as a cover photo of the gallery and rest of the thumbnails are sort according to time of capture. when you swipe the screen towards left, it takes you to folders. Whenever you open a folder, You get all of images there. The speed of opening and closing of gallery or a single image or video is amazingly fast.
More button on bottom
All Modes
Some More
Setting items
You can edit your photo in a number of ways. Noir Z12 gives you an uncountable possibilities to alter your image after capturing. In Annotate editing Mood you get a paint brush, A rectangle, a circle, An arrow or Mosaic tool and some of colors and brush sizes to draw these stuff on your picture. On the same way you get a lot of tools in "Edit" button that you find inside the more button on lower right corner of a photo.
Noir Z12 Camera Samples

QMobile Noir Z12 has 13.0 MP back camera with a vivid flash light and it front camera is of 5.0 MP. Its primary camera takes the best shots in all the light conditions. Its outdoor result is very much clear and the color saturation is fine. After Noir Z4 and Noir Z10, its camera is on third number that has really impressed us by its photo quality. We have shown you sample images below in all the light conditions.

Noir Z12 Video Samples
QMobile Noir Z12 is capable of record videos upto 1080p @30fps with its back camera. It has facility of recording the video in four resolutios. You can record a video in QCIF resolution, in 480p, in 720p and 1080p as per your need. A vivid flash light is also there to record good videos in dark areas. Its focus quality is amazing throughout the recording of a video. You can also zoom out and zoom in by pinching during a video recording.
(Please Wait until videos appears below)

Noir Z12 Video Sample #01 (1080p)
QMobile Noir Z12 Video Sample (1080p)

QMobile Noir Z12 Video Sample (1080p)More At:

Posted by Mobile Areena on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Noir Z12 Video Sample #02 (720p)
QMobile Noir Z12 Video Sample (720p)

QMobile Noir Z12 Video Sample (720p)More At:

Posted by Mobile Areena on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Noir Z12 Video Sample #03 (480p)
QMobile Noir Z12 Video Sample (480p)

QMobile Noir Z12 Video Sample (480p)More At:

Posted by Mobile Areena on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Noir Z12 Prose and Cons
  • PROS
  • • Largre 5.3 inch screen, AMOLED
  • • Fast Charging with USB Type-C port
  • • Visible in direct sunlight
  • • Fast overall operating Speed
  • • Lock Gesture, Awake Gestures
  • • Super Screen Shot
  • • 32GB internal, 3GB RAM
  • • Silicon Cover and display paper (in retail box)
  • • "4G connectivity"
  • • Superb Voice quality during Calls
  • • Pinch to Zoom in messages
  • • Call/Messaged blocker
  • • 13.0 MP Cam/ 8MP front with flash
  • • A lot of useful features in Camera
  • • Hot Knot
  • CONS
  • • 720 x 1280p resolution
  • • No light in Buttons
  • • Memory card and Second Sim cannot be used at the same time
  • • Large in one-hand use (It has facility to shrink you screen)
  • • One Nano Sim and other Micro sim
  • • No Android 6.0 out of the box

Noir Z12 Benchmark Result

We have run 3D Antutu Benchmark 6.0 on Qmobile Noir Z12 and the result and the details of internal parts are given below. Noir Z12 is a beautiful piece of technology in terms of specs, speed and beauty. Its score is fine but it is far lesser than the contemporary flagship phones of different companies. But there is a lot of difference in price if we compare it with flagship models of Huawei, Micromax, Samsung, HTC etc. Noir Z12 is far better than pricey flagship phones of other Pakistani companies like Haier, Rivo and Voice etc.

Basic Information

Noir Z12 Battery Performance

The battery of QMobile Noir Z12 is excellent and it becomes charge at amazingly fast rate due to its USB Type-C charger and its play back time is also very good as compared to its successors. Its AMOLED screen uses very less amount of battery. Its battery lasts with you for 7 hours on calling or internet on Wi-fi mood.

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