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QMobile Noir X200 Video Review in Urdu (Full Length)

Gesture Master

QMobile NOIR X200 is famous for a three of its unique features. First of all it has a gorgeous outlook, a body pattern that every one feels a different feeling of excitement and grace. Second, it has a some new of "Gestures" to awake the screen with letters. And lastly it has "Gestures with Three fingers" for some extra stuff. We have shown all these gestures in our video review of this phone.

QMobile NOIR X200 offers you a sufficient amount of decent specifications with a very small price tag. Its means, this smartphone is a combination of extra fine body and and a stunning sheet of specifications which really makes you please on using this phone. 

Its internal memory is 4GB, so you generally don't need to put an external memory card but sometimes the size of the pictures and videos goes beyond the internal memory and then you feel to have more memory. Luckily you can insert a memory card upto 32 GB in this device to enhance the memory for your personal and impersonal data. 

As per routine, We have baked a full length video review of QMobile NOIR X200 that covers almost all of the prominent features of this smartphone. Remember that this review has the entire explanation in Urdu language. We can once again hope that it would be beneficial for you in your decision of buying an awesome smartphone. Don't forget to read remaining Text Review below this video.

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QMobile NOIR X200 introduction (body description and Live photos)

The body of NOIR X200 is made up all sides with plastic. It is available in different eye catching colors. The display of this smartphone does not give you any protection layer but it is smooth and oily. You should have to put a protecting sticker on it to scratch-less surface and you don't have to paste any additional protecting layer on the screen of this phone. The Grip of this smart piece of technology in your hands is very fine due to its round edges but there is always a chance of dropping this phone because of its minimal weight.

This phone has 4.5 inches screen with oily glass like plastic coating. It has the same 480 x 854 pixels resolution which is much lower than that we have seen in other models of different companies with the same price tag. It is a Dual-sim phone and this time only two one slot is there for in which you can insert two sim cards at a time. There is also a slot for memory card in it۔

On the front panel, it has an earpiece along with sensors, notification light and a front camera above the display. Three buttons are this time not situated below the display. It has 1.2 Ghz Quad-core processor that is somehow laggy.

QMobile NOIR X200 ::::::::::::::::: Prose and Cons
  • PROS
  • • Slim body (8.1mm only), 115g weight
  • • 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core Processor
  • • AMOLED display
  • • 8.0 MP Auto Focus Camera with Flash
  • • Protected Ear-piece (Protected front camera)
  • • Smart Gestures to unlock Screen
  • • Gorgeous outlook and graceful Body
  • • "3G connectivity"
  • • New Fabulous Themes
  • • Dual Sim Support
  • CONS
  • • Less Pixel Resolution (makes the display awkward)
  • • No Guest Mood
  • • Speed is somehow low
  • • No playback option in Sound Recorder
  • • Fixed Focus Camera

QMobile NOIR X200 Camera Samples
You can snap photos of your favorite things, natural scenes, and your loved ones with a happy mood. Camera lens is of fine quality and it promises neat and clean photos in every light condition. Some of the still photos captured by the camera of QMobile X200 are right here. You can watch its Video Sample below these images.
QMobile NOIR X200 Video Sample #01 (1080p)
Please wait till the Video appears.

QMobile NOIR X200 Video Sample (1080p)
QMobile NOIR X200 Video Sample (1080p)for morewww.MobileAreena.como
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QMobile NOIR X200 Video Sample #02 (720p)

QMobile NOIR X200 Video Sample (720p)
QMobile NOIR X200 Video Sample (720p)for
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