Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apple Watch nears 1M sales at launch, report says


 Apple Watch preorders finally opened up last Friday, and it looks like the new smartwatch may already be a hit. A new report from Slice Intelligence claims Apple has already sold roughly 957,000 watches, with the cheaper Sport model leading the way. By comparison, there were an estimated 720,000 Android Wear units shipped in about six months.
In total, 62 percent of shoppers picked the Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $349 for the 38 mm option. However, the report adds that the 42 mm option ($399) was significantly more popular, making up 71 percent of Apple’s total smartwatch sales, which includes all models. Slice Intelligence also offers up a few other bits of information. It said that the Space Gray color was the most popular option for Apple Watch buyers. Meanwhile, the $49 Black Sport Band was apparently the most common choice, followed by the white band. The $149 Milanese Loop came in third. The report, which was based off data from two million online shoppers, is one of the first we’ve seen claiming to reveal initial Apple Watch sales. Rumor has it the Cupertino company may make an official announcement soon, though for now this could be our best look at the smartwatch’s early success.

Apple Watch in the views of different tech companies and web sites.

A famous Web site says:
"It is really confusing to have both the Digital Crown and the communications button on the side. As I tried to navigate the Watch interface, I found myself pressing one or both several times, without knowing which one would take me to the home screen, back out of an app, or launch a feature. 

In the words James McQuivey:
"Coming from the traditional iOS paradigm of a single home button that always takes you home, it's a notable difference." "Competitors will also be relieved that Apple didn't really surprise anyone with its features. Samsung and Motorola don't have to worry that Apple has leapfrogged them in many functional ways -- the Moto 360, for example, already does most of what Apple showed today, though sometimes the user has to go looking for those features."

In the views of Engadget:

"I can tell you now that other PC makers have laptops in the works with USB Type-C ports. On the other hand, that kind of port is hardly ubiquitous yet, and for people used to plugging in full-sized USB connectors into their existing laptops, this could be an off-putting change indeed. I know I'm not used to it."

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