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QMobile NOIR X500 Video Review in Urdu (Full length)

Lucky Purchasing
   Sometimes you buy a smart phone that offers you more than you pay for it. QMobile NOIR X500 is one of them. Have you bought this phone or preparing a plan to buy, go for this gadget and it will give you a surprise as its features are impressive and the camera is of higher Mega Pixels as described in all of its specification pages.

Here is its Video Review of this phone to show you what type of performance it gives you in reality. Don't forget to see live photos, Benchmark Score and camera samples below this video.

QMobile NOIR X500 Video Review in Urdu
QMobile NOIR X500 body description and Live photos
NOIR X500 has a very light weight body. The phone has been made with medium quality plastic from both sides. After a little use the back side of the phone becomes very poor. Color becomes fade as paint got scratches. Anyhow the body is very slim and you really feel pleasance when you hold it. It becomes fit is your pocket and in hand. Its display quality is very fine as it has a high pixels density of 720 x 1280 pixels.

This smart phone offers Android Kitkat flavour right out of the box. It offers a 4.5 inches screen and an agreeable 1.3 Ghz Quad-Core processor and 512 MB of RAM. This combination performs good in all the operations you run on it. There are two colors available in back side of this phone.

On front side of this phone, there is an ear piece along with sensors and a front camera lens. Unfortunately it lacks notification light which is very much convenient in many cases. Anyway its 4.5 inches screen and three typical capacity buttons are the things that you find on the front panel of this smart phone.
0001 0002
0003 0004
0005 0006

On left side it has volume buttons and on the right edge it has only a power/lock button. On top side it has a power button, 3.5mm audio jack whereas on bottom it has its charging port and a microphone as shown in the pictures above.

Its display quality is average outdoor and the display is a little visible in direct sun light as shown in the picture below. We have captured it through two different angles to show you its beauty. Despite of its all plastic construction, it looks decent.
0007 0008
0009 0010

It offers you a easily removable backcover and under the cover you find two sim card slots, a memory card slot and the particular place to insert batter as shown in the picture below.

0011 0012
0013 0014
On Back side of this phone there exists a 12.6 MP Auto focus camera with a tiny flash light below the camera lens, Noir logo and QMobile logo which is almost common on every handset of the company. Below the QMobile logo, we found a speaker grill that provides you best quality of sound. 

Home Screens, Menu, Messages
This phone has a bright  4.5 inches screen that gives a good display. It has HD resolution that means 720 x 1280 pixels which promises a chrisp PPI value. It has Dancing user interface and a theme of i-series models of the company. Here is the look of its home screens and its bench mark result.


 Home Menu


Menu settings


A single thread


Landscape keyboard
NOIR X500 has many beautiful wallpapers for home screen main menu and lock screen as we as live wall papers. There are four pre loaded themes are also available to give new looks to your phone. Its call quality is best and the voice during incoming or outgoing calls are very clear.

Dial Pad, Phonebook, Wallpapers and Themes
The dial pad of this little phone is beautiful and gives you ease of touch. You can add a new contact right from dial pad and can open call history from lower left corner of the screen. Phone book has dynamic search view that is a pleasurable and fast property for instant search of your desired contact.

Dial Pad

Call history




Google Apps

NOIR X500 has a nice collection of beautiful but simple wallpapers for home screen main menu and lock screen as we as live wall papers. There are six pre-loaded themes are also available as usual to give your phone new looks. Its application manager is also very useful and you can control the attitude of all the installed apps over here.

Web browser, Benchmark result and other Apps
The Web browser of this smart phone is very fast and responsive in all kinds of circumstances and it opens all the web site at very high speed. Notification center has been divided into two parts as usual. One page is for notifications the other is for switches. Its Antutu bencmark score is around 18,000 and its benchmark results tells us that it has 12.6 MP camera that is an astonishing thing as the company has told that this device has 8 MP camera. So if you have bought NOIR X500, you are lucky in this sense that you have gotten more mega pixels in less price.

Web browser


Antutu result


Phone Settings

Phone information
NOIR X500 has a nice calender and calculator. Its weather app is also very charming and it gives you information about the conditions of present and future weather. Its setting menu has all the routine options and the menu of information about device shows us its app technical specs at a glance.

Calling, Camera, Gallery
There is a 12.6 MP camera on the back side of this phone that lacks auto focus feature. The camera user interface has two buttons side by side to take a still picture or start to record a video. Its general setting menu provides you color effect, scene mood, White balance, Image properties and Anti flicker control. On the next tab you can modify the setting for still images and at the end there is a tab for setting of video properties

Camera UI

Cam Setting


Viewing a Single Photo


NOIR X500 has a fine gallery that provides a lot of options like sharing a photo through several mediums like social media or bluetooth to your friends and family. It also gives you opportunity to edit your photos and provides a lot of features to beautify and stylize your pictures. Music player is also fine and the File Manager of the phone also has an advanced look that gives you an overview of all types of multimedia file available on your phone memory and on external memory card at first glance.

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The 12.6 Mega Pixels Auto focus snap-shotter performs its job well and captures very good quality of images indoor and outdoor in all the light conditions. It also has a flash light near the camera to capture images in dark rooms but the intensity of its flash light is not very well. Here are some of the outdoor photos that have been captured by the back camera of NOIR X500. lll
QMobile NOIR X500 Camera samples 

NOIR X500 Video Sample

QMobile NOIR X500 Video SampleWatch full Video Review of NOIR X500

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1- Android 4.4 Kitkat
2- 3G Cabability
3- Best price to feature phone
4- Handle heavy games without any lag
5- HD display
6- Direct Printing

1- No notification light
2- No IPS display
3- less power battery
4- Low density flash light

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