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Apple iPhone6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6

Closer Encounter

   Everyone, who loves smart phones knows that the number "6" is most discussing number of the year. As two main rivalry companies have put their soldiers in the wring with this number printed on their shirts. Yes, your guess is right we are talking about Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and we are going to compare them today. 

These two devices have completely different operating systems as iOS and Android nonetheless people want to know the similarities and differences between them. Both the companies have used their best technological skills in preparing their latest flagship models and each has tried to present its device in a attractive way. The promotion videos of both the devices have such a fascinated material that every smart phone lover has been impressed with the qualities of these phones.

Competition is Tight
It is an amazing fact that many people have been caught in dilemma when they were asked to choose one of them between these two devices. Perhaps it is the most difficult for many of the customers to choose one device between Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. 

Apple is pioneer
No doubt that Apple is pioneer of touch screen technology and it has first introduced the touch screen smartphone in 2007. The Original iPhone which is also named as iPhone 2G sometimes, was no doubt a piece of excellent technology. Apple has always been the founder of awesome ideas and has the credit to convert the amazing ideas into reality. 

It is also an astonishing study that many companies have taken a lot of ideas from apple in technological sphere. The recent design of Apple iPhone 6 has been stolen by Lenovo in its smart phone Sisly S90. Samsung Galaxy S6 has copied the design of iPhone 6 in term of bottom side and the volume button.

Samsung leaves Plastic
No doubt Samsung has adopted a fresh new pattern in the making of Galaxy S6. As it has left its custom of using plastic in its flagship models. It has used glass and metal this time and obviously this is the influence of Apple's iphone 6.Galaxy S6 clearly depicts that the bottom of Apple iPhone 6 has been copied blatantly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and its predecessor
If we compare Galaxy S6 with its predecessor, it looks much better. Some naughty boys have raised a point out that it appears to be a cross between iPhone 6 and iPhone 4. But we personally appreciate Samsung on leaving the plastic builds flagships as we have seen in previous five generations. When the competition comes to thickness, the 6.8mm frame of the Galaxy S6 overcomes the slightly thicker 6.9mm body of the iPhone 6 whose back is made with anodised aluminium.

Build Material and design
As far as the build material is concerned the Galaxy S6 features a metal frame that will be available in four color depending on the model. Gorilla Glass 4 has been used to cover its front and back side. The build quality, once gain, seems to be comparable to the iPhone 6 in nearly every way, but Apple did not use glass after iPhone 4S. Apple had started using metal from iPhone 5 and it is using the same material for their phones to date. Samsung has present its first device having Gorilla Glass on front and back and it seems that this idea has been take form iPhone 4. It is not bad, if people give a positive response to the glass covered devise. We think that Samsung will decide the next model on the base of popularity of Galaxy S6. 

Similarities between the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6
Samsung has lost many of the features of its flagship devices while copying the Apple. This time Galaxy S6 will not give you the facility of a removable battery. This is the awkward pattern that we found in all the iPhone models. Besides the removal of battery there are several other similarities are also found in Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 as there is no SD card expansion, or waterproofing in both devices. 

On Front Side
If you see the front side of the Galaxy S6 you will find a 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, while the iPhone 6 offers a smaller sized 4.7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1,334 x 750. Above the display, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 5.0 MP front camera, while the iPhone 6 has only a 1.2 MP shooter. Below the display, Apple’s iPhone 6 features a home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor that the company named as "Touch ID". Samsung had launched its own fingerprint sensor in the S5, the predecessor of S6. This time the Korean company has improved it on a large scale. Its action is now as same as the Apple's Touch ID.

Hardware buttons, Camera and back side
Samsung also uses two capacitive buttons around the home button on front panel. This makes the navigation throughout the user interface very comfortable and no doubt Apple lacks this facility in all of its phones. On the back side, the Galaxy S6 has been installed a freshly invented 16.0 MP camera with optical image stabilization, LED flash light, and a heart rate sensor, the place of sensors has been changed this time and they are put at the right side of the camera lens, while the iPhone 6 sports an 8.0 MP primary shooter, dual-tone LED flash, and the famous Apple logo. 

The hardware buttons layout between the two are pretty similar, as we have told you earlier. As Apple has first time changed the place of lock/power button and put it on the right side in iPhone 6. Same are the locations of volume buttons and power button in the Samsung Galaxy S6. Around the top the Galaxy S6 features an IR blaster. 

Bottom Side
On the bottom end, the iPhone 6 providess a microphone, Lightning port for charging, and speaker grill. While in the Galaxy S6 you will find very similar layout, but instead of lightning port there is a Micro USB port for charging. 

Apple Pay VS Samsung Pay
The Galaxy S6 also copies the idea of "payment by smartphone". Apple has initiated the idea with "Apple Pay" and Samsung introduced it with the name of "Samsung Pay". Both include NFC that can make payments with Google Wallet or Softcard on the Galaxy S6 and Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 Plus, but the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge also offer another option. The new Galaxy S6 amazingly supports wireless magnetic card payments, through Samsung Pay. This allows users to place the phone next to a regular credit card reader to send a swipe wirelessly. This is a form of payment that will work in more places than NFC payments.

Inside the body
On the inside, there are a lot differences between the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 which we have described in the table given below. Have a look on the specifications of both the devices and Let us know your choice that which one would you prefer between these two stunning gadgets.

Comparison Table

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