Monday, March 30, 2015

Apple Drone Concept

It is a custom of the tech industry that People wait for the latest products of Apple once they come to know about that. No doubt Apple Watch was one of the commodity which takes the folks into storm very after its first appearance in the last months of previous year. But now the wait has been almost over as the Apple Watch is coming to shelves on 10th of April. 

Apple HDTV was also announced in detail at the introductory ceremony of Apple watch that was held on March 09 this year. Apple HDTV is coming soon and people are waiting for it eagerly. 

Apple Watch is scheduled to available from April of this year.  No doubt Apple Watch is going to change the watch industry entirely and in the upcoming years, only smart watches would be liked on the wrists of most of the people.

The latest piece of amazement by after Apple Watch and HDTV is Apple Drone. Many technologists are speculating that the next product category will be shaken the world once again as it is the custom of Apple. 

Yes, we are talking about upcoming Apple quadcopter. Eric Huismann is a well known graphic designer in Germany. He gave a few suggestions for Tim Cook and company on how the company is working to make its own drone, which could be useful for engaging in battle with those nosey UAVs that have been spying on the construction of its new campus lately. Huismann’s elegant mock-ups of a potential Apple drone feature a white and black quadcopter with that sleek, curved and minimalist Apple design aesthetic. The german technologists also proposes that this quadcopter will be equipped with four video-cameras and will capable of capturing stills, full 360-degree panoramas and 4K video that can also be streamed to a connected iOS device and then on to YouTube or another online platform for instant sharing and broadcasting.

This drone will be controlled as the other usual drones but Apple will might introduce some latest tactics in its drone. May be it would be a Xbox-like controller that you could fly by your iPhone and you can monitor video output on your iOS device during its piloting. While Huismann imagines such an Apple drone could be available next year, the whole thing is rather far-fetched for a company that likes to keep a laser-narrow focus on dominating in just a few product categories where it feels that the potential market is just about every human on Earth. But it is a fact that a common man can use phones, Tablets, personal computers, but the use of a drone in routine life has not much space.

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