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QMobile NOIR Z6 Video Review in Urdu (Full length)

Experience the Slimness

The lovers of modern technology always want fast processing speed in a light weight smart phone and it is possible only when your phone has minimum possible waistline. QMobile NOIR Z6 seems an amazing Android phone that offers the combination of an Octa-Core processor and astonishing slim body.
But it lacks that level of performance that we were expecting from its advanced MTK processor. Its beauty attracts you when you look at it very first time and its light weight body increase your amaze when you hold it in your hand. 

We have baked a full length review of QMobile NOIR Z6 in two parts. Both the parts cover its all prominent features with explanation in Urdu language. Here is the videos for you. We hope that it will be beneficial for you in your decision of having a advanced smart phone. Don't forget to view Text Review beneath these videos.

QMobile NOIR Z6 Video Review - Part 01 QMobile NOIR Z6 full phone Specifications
QMobile NOIR Z6 Video Review - Part 02

QMobile NOIR Z6 introduction (body description and Live photos)

The body of NOIR Z6 is made up with metal. This feature adds beauty to it but it has also some draw backs. First of all it is very slippery and it tends to slip from your hand due to its thinner edges if you have not a strong grip. Secondly, its body becomes much cold in winter season and it give an offensive feelings to your palm. 

This phone has 5.0 inches FHD screen with oily glass like plastic coating. It has 1080x1920 pixels resolution that is very fine for all of your viewing throughout socializing, texing, gaming, web browsing, playing games, watching videos and for all other stuff. is really a charm on its oily screen. It is single sim phone and there is no place for inserting memory card. Its internal memory is 16GB, so you generally don't need to put an external memory card in it and all your data can easily store in its internal memory. On the bright side, it offers you USB On-The-Go feature, so you can use your USB-Stick as external memory when you need it.

On the front panel, it has an earpiece along with sensors, notification light and a front camera above the display. Below the display there are three typical Android buttons. On the bottom side it has a 3.5mm audio jack and microphone and on the top there is a charging port.

On the left side it has noting but a sim-jacket. You can insert your only mini sim card in this jacket. On right side, it has a combination of power button and a volume rocker. Its all three hardware buttons are easily press-able as they have sufficient widht.

The retail box of NOIR Z6 is also a beauty. Its retail box offers you the NOIR Z6 handset, a USB wall charger with data cable, smart cover, OTG cable, a hansfree, QMobile contact number list, a User Manual and a sim-jackets ejecting pin.

  Back side is made up with glass like plastic that looks very charming. You can use it as mirror. On upper left corner it has a 13MP camera lens with a flash light near it. A second micro phone is placed between the camera lens and flash light. It works as noise cancellation during calls and as audio recorder during recording a video. A Noir logo, QMobile logo and a speaker grill are the other three items that you also found on its back. The image quality of its front camera is very fine and you can happily use it for your selfies.

It has 1.7 Ghz Octa-core Cortex A7 processor. NOIR Z6 is equipped with an Media Tek MTK-6592 chipset. It is the first Octa-core phone in Noir family. 

QMobile NOIR Z6 Home Screen, Themes, Q Apps
This phone has a bright 5.0 inches AMOLED screen that gives an exciting display quality. It has fine pixels density which gives 441 pixels per inch result. It does not has up and down gesture on home screen because of its default Amigo UI. You can not add home screens by yourself. The number of home screen automatically increases with the increase in the icons of applications. You can make folders by putting an icon on the other and rename the folder according to your needs...

Lock Screen

Home Menu

ؐMulti Tasking



Q Apps

Telephony, Phonebook
Dial Pad is very nicely organised and numbers are big enough to press. You can search a contact right from the dial Pad. Just swipe the dial pad towards left and a keyboard will appear to search your desired contact. Its incoming call screen is also new and you can answer an incoming call by swiping the caller name toward bottom and hang it up by swiping upward. If you want to silent the call, just turn the CLI area towards right or left. You can also you " Turn to silent " feature during an incoming call. After ending a call, it takes you to the optional page from where you can add the caller as a new contact in your phone-book.

Dial Pad

Incoming Call 

In Call Screen


Viewing a Contact

Adding New Contact

The voice quality during call is not bad. It handles all kinds of calls very conveniently. You can asnswer your call by volume-up button and you can also answer a call by shaking your phone.  Its phone-book has pleasant looks and offers you dynamic search view. 

Notification Menu, Messaging 
Its notification area is split up into two pages as we have seen in recently announced NOIR phone. One page gives you noitifications and other page is for switches. You can arrange the switches according to your need. In messaging area it has "Deluxe" user interface. There is also facility of "Swype" keyboard in message area but a draw back is there when you write a new message. It pointer size is very small and it irritates you when you want to take your writing bar to any other location. But in other than default messaging app, the size of pointer is reasonable like in whatsapp messaging or in any other social media application.


Rearrange the switches

Voice controlers

Viewing a Single message


Power Menu

Music, Setting, and File and Application Managers
Its music player is typical as of Deluxe UI but the sound recorder has a quite new look. It seems that the manufacturers has put a surface level detector in idle screen of its Music Player because it gives you appealing colorful circles that changes their position with the change in position of the handset in your hand.

Music Player

Sound Recorder

Phone Accelerater

File Manager

Whether App

Its setting menu is aslo split up into two pages, first page is for frequently used things and next page is for all the setting items. Its application manager has "Shake to remove" features. You can release your RAM with a shake.

Camera User Interface
This smart phone has a 13.0 MP Auto focus camera that capture very basic quality of photos but shutter speed is praiseworthy. It has a lot of setting features like a professional camera. Its Auto focus feature performs well when you take a picture of any document or any nearer object.

Camera UI 

Camera Setting

Picture Sizes

Professional Setting UI

Video Settings

Self Timer

Gallery's Appealing New Looks
Its gallery has a new design and when you open your camera album, it arrange the photos date-wise. There is a drop down button on the top right corner of every date folder and you can view all the photos of a day by pressing this button. Navigation of your images and HD wallpapers on this phone is really a pleasant experience but its screen is not AMOLED. If it had AMOLED screen the quality of viewing photos and videos would have much more excellent. Its editing mood gives you extra fast response and you can easily edit all of your images with a lot of functions. 


An Album opened

A single picture

Editing Picture

Watching Video

Sharing Options

QMobile NOIR Z6 Camera Samples
You can snap photos of your favorite things, natural scenes, and your loved ones with a happy mood. Camera lens is of fine quality and it promises neat and clean photos in every light condition. You can watch its Video Sample here and some of still photos captured by the camera of QMobile Noir Z6 are right here.

Benchmark, Web browser, and Other applications
We have run Antutu benchmark on NOIR Z6 and it gives top score among all the NOIR phone to date. Calander, Calculator, Smart Apps all runs good on this graceful handset.

Benchmark Score


Its play store performance is also very nice and it downloads apps on a good speed. You have liberty to download as many apps as you want from Play store. Its Android web browser is remarkably fast and I personally like to surf the web on default browser but you have the facility to use any other browser like Chrome, Opera mini or any other. Other Google services run smoothly due to high RAM. you have not to do much wait while navigating through Google Maps and Google Earth. 


Web browser

Landscape browsing
 Web browsing experience on Noir Z6 is also nice experience. You can read all of your favorite books online through its browser. It handles all kinds of web pages very well with full sport of HTML 5 and JAVA. It also offers a new look of calender, Alarm clock, Timer, Stop watch etc. Almost all Social media apps like facebook, Skype, Twitter, Flipboard, Whatsapp and Google services run well on this phone.

Alarm Clock


Google Apps
This phone also offers you Smart Tools for measuring lenght, angles, distance and to use your phone as a sound and vibration meter. Gaming on the NOIR Z6 is another amazing experience. It plays all the heavy games without any lag due to its 2 GB of RAM. Same is the case for applications that you download from playstore. 

Smart Tools

Playing a Game

Battery Manager

Battery Performance
NOIR Z6 has 2300 mAh non-removable battery and it lasts with you for a whole day on moderate use. It this phone had bigger battery, it would have really become a piece of charm for long web surfing and sociolizing. If you switch its light on for torch purposes, it lasts with you for consective 2.5 hours. It should be of more strength as the company had presented in Noir Z4-mini. Its average multimedia play back time about 5.5 hours, talk time is about 7 hours on 2G netword and 5 hours on 3G networks and its standby time in idle mood is more than 80 hours.

QMobile NOIR Z6

---- Prose
1- Extra Slim body (5.5mm only)
2- Graceful looks and light weight
3- 1080 x 1920 Pixel density, Bright display
4- Fast Web browser with rich ppi value
5- Swype writing
6- "Double tap Screen on" function
7- Guest Mood
8- New looks of Calender, Clock, Timer, Stop Watch
9- Date wise arrangement of pictures in Gallery
10- Turn to mute during incoming calls and alarm
11- Wireless display
12- Shake to answer a call
13- Android Version Updates available 
---- Cons
1- No Memory card slot
1- Octa-Core CPU is not upto the standard (Low processing speed)
2- Single Sim phone
3- Body becomes very cold in low temperature
4- Pointer in messaging area is of very small size
5- Below Average camera quality
6- No Voice unlock, Face unlock features 
7- Non-removable battery

QMobile NOIR Z6 Official photos

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