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QMobile NOIR X800 Video Review in Urdu (Full length)

QMobile NOIR X800 Video and Text Review

QMobile has started to present extra ordinary enchanting handsets and NOIR X800 is the first example. It is decorated with a glass like plastic from front and back and feels amazingly light weight. It is a real piece of beauty both in terms of outlook and performance.
Its fast Octa-Core processor renders all the applications with quickness whereas handling and switching between different apps while multi-tasking is excellent because of its  2GB of RAM. There is also a variant of this phone available with 1GB. 
We have baked a full length review of this handset covering its all prominent features with explanation in Urdu language. Here is the video for you. We hope that it will be helpful for you in your search of a delicious smart phone.

QMobile NOIR X800 Video Review
QMobile NOIR X800 introduction (body description and Live photos)

NOIR X800 has 1.4 Ghz Octa-core processor. It is second Octa-core phone in Noir family after Noir Z6. There are two variants in term of RAM, 1GB and 2GB both are available with a slight difference in price and we strongly recommend you to buy a 2GB version because it makes a lot of difference with addition of little more money. 

This phone has 4.7 inches HD screen with oily glass like plastic coating. It has 720x1280 pixels resolution that gives you very crisp display quality and all of your socializing, texing, gaming, playing, watching of videos and all other stuff is really a charm on its oily screen. It is dual sim supported phone but if you want to insert a memory card you will have to use one of its sim card slot. Its mean in the presence of a memory card in a jacket only one jacket is left for sim card. But its own memory is 16GB, so you generally dont need a memory card and you can easily use double sim in both of its jackets. It resembles iPhone 4 very much.

On the front side, it has earpiece, sensors, notification light and a front camera above the display. On the top side it has a 3.5mm audio jack and on the botton it has a charging port and a microphone.

On the left side it has noting but a sim-jacket. On right side, it has  second Sim-card (that can also be used for memory card) jacket, a power button and a volume rocker. its all three hardware buttons are hardly press able as they are very much mixed with the surface of right side. There location  is also inverse, as power button is put above and volume rocker is located below in this phone. in other handsets, power button is often located below the volume buttons. You need some time to be get familiar with this pattern if you have switched from any other Noir phone to Noir X800.

In its retail box is very eye-cathing and has routine stuff like a charger, handsfree, smart cover, QMobile contact number list, User Manual, CD Rom and an sim-jackets ejecting pin other than Noir X800 handset. 

  Back side is made up with glass like plastic that looks very beautiful. You can use it as mirror.A flip cover is included in the retail box that can b fixed on its back with pre-pasted gum. On upper left corner it has a 13MP camera lens with a flash light near it. A Noir logo, QMobile logo and a speaker grill are three things that you will also found on its back.

QMobile NOIR X800 Home Screen, Themes, Q Apps
This phone has a bright 4.7 inches screen that gives an above average display. It has fine pixels density which gives 312 pixels per inch result. It aslo has up and down gesture on home screen. You can add asusual upto 9 home screens and fill them up with your favorite icons and gadgets for ease of access to your desired apps and games etc.

Home Screen

Adding to Home

Home Menu



Adding More

Telephony, Messages and Main menu
Call quality of NOIR X800 is quite clear and it does not irritate you during voice and vidoe calls of all types. It handles all kinds of calls very conveniently. Its phone also has a dynamic search view because of its "Deluxe A" user interface. There is also facility of "Swype" keyboard in message area and you can also detele a single message by swyping it towards left. Its nofication menu is simple and quick switch menu is also decent.

Dial Pad

In Call screen

Phone book



Adding more in a msg

Music, Setting, and File and Application Managers
Its music player has a new look and an entirely new User interface. It has the option to play next and previous track by swyping the album. It resembles to iPhone music player.

Music Player

Sound Recorder

Application Manger

File Manager



Camera UI
IThis smart phone has a 13.3 MP Auto focus camera that capture photos with a fine speed. Its photos quality is very clear and Auto focus feature performs well. It also have GIF Animation capture mood, Remov object 

Camera UI 01

Camera UI 02

Camera UI 03

Camera UI 04

Camera UI 05

Gallery's Appealing New Looks
Its gallery has a unique new design and when you open one of your album, it loads the images with a electric speed. Navigation of your images and HD wallpapers on this phone is really a pleasant experience but its screen is not AMOLED. If it had AMOLED screen the quality of viewing photos and videos would have much more excellent. Its editing mood gives you extra fast response and you can easily edit all of your images with a lot of functions. 


An Album opened

A single picture

Editing 01

Editing 02

QMobile NOIR X800 Camera Samples
You can snap photos of your favorite things, natural scenes, and your loved ones with a happy mood. Camera lens is of fine quality and it promises neat and clean photos in every light condition. You can watch its Video Sample here and some of still photos captured by the camera of QMobile Noir X800 are right here.

Benchmark, Web browser, Music Player, and Other applications
We have run Antutu benchmark on NOIR X800 and it gives top score among all the NOIR phone to date. Calander, Calculator, Smart Apps all runs good on this graceful handset.

Benchmark 01

Benchmark 02

Its play store performance is also very nice and it downloads apps on a good speed. You have liberty to download as much apps as you want from Play store. Its Android web browser is remarkably fast and I personally like to surf the web on default browser but you have the facility to use any other browser like Chrome, Opera mini or any other. Other Google services run smoothly due to high RAM. you have not to do much wait while navigating through Google Maps and Google Earth. 

Web browser 01

Web browser 02

Browser Popup Window
 Web browsing experience on Noir X800 is also nice as it renders all kinds of web pages easily with full sport of HTML 5 and JAVA. It also offers a new look of calender, Alaram, Timer, Stop watch etc. Almost all Social media apps like facebook, Skype, Twitter, Flipboard, Whatsapp run well on this phone.



Stop Watch

Battery Performance
NOIR X800 has 2000 mAh battery and it lasts with you less than a day if you use it in normal fashion. It is not enough for this standard of phone. It gives very short time in our view. It should be of more strength as the company had presented in Noir Z4-mini. Its average multimedia play back time about 5 hours, talk time is about 7 hours and its standby time in idle mood is 34 hours.

1- Extra fast response throughout the UI
2- Graceful looks and light weight
3- "Deluxe A" User interface
4- Fine Camera quality
5- Swype writing
6- Double tap Screen on function
7- Off screen drawing Gestures for quick access to Messages, Music and Dial Pad
8- New looks of Calender, Clock, Timer, Stop Watch
9- Drive Mood in Profiles
10- Excellent Wi-fi signal catcher and fast web browsing
11- Wireless display
12- Delete a single message by swyping towards left
13- Android Version Updates available 
1- No AMOLED Screen
2- One jacket for Second Sim and Memory card
3- Prone to finger prints from backside
4- Hard to press Power button and Volume buttons
5- Hard to make shortcut of the applications presented in QApps folder

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