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Blackberry Classic Unboxing Video and First Hands-On

Blackberry Classic

Folks were waiting for the latest device of Blackberry for almost 10 months and today the wait is over. Blackberry Classic has been officially announced by the CEO of the canadian based company John Chen in an launch event in New York. Company is bringing back the hardware buttons that has been lost in the deluge of touch screens.
Blackberry Classic Unboxing and Brief Video Review
This phone is actually the successor of famous Blackberry bold 990 that was the last popular Blackberry phone. This time the company has presented a mixture of its renown hardware features with its latest home-baked operating system that also supports Android apps through Amazon store. Though the support for Android apps are rudimentary but it is a hopeful sign that it will bring the people back to love a Blackberry device. 
It is a single sim phone that supports 3G and 4G networks.

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Body and Specifications
Blackberry Classic has a 3.5 inches square touch display with 720x720 pixels resolution having an agreeable 294ppi density. It has a 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 chipset (the same we found in the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3, for context), 16 GB of internal memory and 2 GB of RAM. 

On the front side it has four row  QWERTY keyboard with ergonomically-shaped keys, a perfect square screeen and the brought back to live lovely and helpful trackpad that gives you precise control in menu items and during editing a message or E-mail and the familiar call buttons, menu button and back button.

Traditional Keys are back
Blackberry has given an elaboration of the functions of all these keys in detail. These buttons are very helpful for navigation throughout the user interface.

All these buttons are the keypoint to bring the loyal users of the company back to its devices. Before the Class Blackberry Q10 and Q5 are the phones in which QWERTY keyboard is present but these buttons are absent. 

The keys are very nice and very soft to press. It is a blessing for the people who are fed up of touch keyboards. One can type messages and all the stuff accurately with physical keyboard as touch keyboard suck the fingers and one becomes tire on continuous use of a touch key board.

It supports only one sim, On the left side it has the sim card slot as well as a micro SD card slot. on the right side it has volume up and down button and play/pause button between them. On botton it has a charging port, a speaker grill and a microphone. 

Like its predecessors, the Classic is made up of metal, a 10.2mm slab of smartphone weighing in at 178 grams. Blackberry Q10 is nearly 40 grams lighter than this device but this weight is affordable with presence of a hardware keyboard. Anohter thing that add up the weight is the larger battery of this phone. It is of 2515mAh as compared to the 2100 mAh of Blackberry Q10. The built material  including the steel frame and grippy back cover are the factor of somewhat more weight. 

On back side it has an 8.0 MP Auto focus camera with flash light. It has 4:3 sensor that show the image in defaults to 1:1 in order to fill the whole squarish screen. It offers you whole new ‘Auto Suggest Mode’ feature detects the right scene — Time Shift, Burst, Panorama — and switches to it with little user input.

The Classic can record 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps, a limitation of its three year-old chipset. Quality is good, but the lack of image stabilization led to jerky, bumpy movements when walking or panning.

A silver metal frame revolves around the phone and its back cover is non-removable. It is made out of high-quality plastic with a dotted pattern that enhances the grip level in hand very much and gives a pleasurable feeling. Indeed the BlackBerry Classic feels awesome in hand, as all its predecessor did, compact and comfortable to use for typing or browsing.

Next to Blackberry Passport
The Classic will open new doors of experience for many people with its innovative design like the Blackberry Passport, a unique device with new set of dimensions that we have recently seen in company's portfolio. Let have a look lying both phones side by side.

It has 2515mAh battery that will give outstanding performance as the manufacturer says that battery life is 56% longer than what was experienced on three year back in BlackBerry Bold 9900.

If one use it whole the day with all of the operations, It will never drops below 30%. Its mean you can use it with full zeal and zest the whole day.

Call quality and Speakers
As far as its speaker is concerned, the Classic doesn’t perform as loud as the Passport, but its single speaker is perfectly capable of delivering a hit of music or guiding a conference call. Headpiece quality is just as fine, and holding experience of this relatively compact phone is not cumbersome despite of its heft. 

In our point of view, the Blackberry Classic is really a beauty in terms of its body and metal strip around the edges. Its attractive front panel with amazingly comfortable full QWERTY keyboard, functions keys and track pad and grippyy dotted backside make this device awesome. Company has made a sensible decision to bring the traditional hardware controls back and this time it has companionship of Blackberry OS 10.3 inside a capacitive touch screen. Its display quality, camera results and an ample battery adds more charm to its attraction. Its support for Android apps will make this smartphone much more acceptable and it will increase the number of audience that will love to have this phone. 

Its price is somewhat high as compared to other 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core phones but we hope a sharp decrease in its price with the passage of time. If this phone gets popular, we can expect more advancement in processing power and camera quality as soon as its successor will hit the market. This phone can be proved a gadget to bring the glory of the past back to the Blackberry.

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