Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Microsoft officially announces Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is unveiled

Were you waiting for Windows 9 ? Oh ! Microsoft has not any intention to release a windows with number nine. It's time to meet Windows 10. Yes, the leading software company Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of Windows that is the most popular and top operating system throughout the world.
This operating system was confined to PCs before the popularity of touch phones and tablets but now this is available for every device from a smart phone to a personal computer. Windows 10 seems to be announced for those who are still sticking with Windows 7 and they don't like Window 8. 

As it has most of the features that the Windows 7 has and Windows 8 has not. The first and the foremost thing is Start Menu that has been the most significant feature of Windows operating system since its beginnings. But Microsoft dropped this feature in Windows 8 and that is the reason that Windows 8 did not get much popularity among the consumers. 

So in this latest version, the Start Menu is back. It shows some development here and there is a distinct ‘Metro’ vibe. It has tiles and icons that are a blend of classic and new universal apps. These tiles can be resized according to your need and taste. The new Search feature in the Start Menu pulls results from the internet as well as local data present in your hard disk.

The people who love to use Windows with mouses and keyboards are finally taken seriously again, with the dual-environment feel of Windows 8 now totally gone (or so Microsoft claims). ‘Modern’ apps can run in windowed mode. Hence, Snap View (launched in Windows 7) now works with both types of apps, and it’s even been expanded to allow for a maximum of four apps to be on the screen at the same time.

The company has added new features and it calls it as “task view”, which is akin to Expose in APPLE's MAC OS X. Its aims to make multitasking easier (this is pictured in the image below). The oft-leaked multiple desktops feature is indeed in too. And to appease the geeks, the Command Prompt has finally received paste support.

The final version of Windows 10 will be available in market “later” in 2015, possibly around the middle of the year. Microsoft will talk more about the consumer-facing features inside Windows 10 at its Build conference in April. That’s when we’ll find out more about the new “universal apps”, for example. The “general intent” is to make Windows 10 “available as an update for the vast majority of devices”.

. Windows 10 will be the next version of Windows Phone too, though it’s still unclear exactly when it will hit phones. Microsoft officials have said they’re developing it (and Windows 10 for ARM-based tablets) at the same time as the version for desktops, trying to “blend the experience” across devices that have screens ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches. A unified application store for every device running Windows 10 has also been promised by the company.

While the platform will scale to accommodate different hardware. It is quite clear now that one operating system for all screen sizes cannot perform well. A person who uses a touch phone having 4" screen with single hand and a person who uses 20" monitor with mouse and keyboard can never be satisfied with the one and the very same operating system. It looks like Microsoft has finally learned this thing and it would not try to present the exact same UI on touch-based devices and on those that come with a mouse and keyboard. As there will be a “single design approach”, but it would be wiser to adapt it for each class of devices. 

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