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QMobile NOIR i9 Video Review in Urdu (Full length)

QMobile NOIR i9 Video and Text Review

NOIR family is growing fast with the brilliant smartphones that are getting more rich in features and performance. The NOIR models which started with word "i", we have kept them under the title of i-series. So this 5-incher phone is the third member of the series according to its order of launch. There are various other models like NOIR i5, i6, i7, i10 and i12 that have been announced before and after the release of QMobile NOIR i9. All the models of this series are 3G-supported.
We have baked a special Review of this phone for your viewing pleasure and that is right here!!. Don't forget to read TEXT REVIEW below this video.

QMobile NOIR i9 Video Review
QMobile NOIR i9 Hardware and Software
This smart phone has a dimension of 146 x 74 x 10.3 and weight of 160g that make it a large phone. Another factor that put it in the category of bulky phones is its display. Its color is black and back covers are changeable. But every phone has a specific color of earpiece above the display that denotes the actual color of current phone. This color is not changeable. 
PIC 01 PIC 02 Pic 03
PIC 04 PIC 05 Pic 06
PIC 07 PIC 08 Pic 09
PIC 10 PIC 11 Pic 12
PIC 13 PIC 14
QMobile NOIR i9 Display and Home Screens
NOIR i9 has a 5" large IPS LCD screen on it front panel that renders display with 720x1080 pixels. The colors are robust and its display quality is good. It got a new theme that is specific for i-series models that make its looks different from other phones of the company. It do not support up and down gesture on home screen to launch notification menu but you have to swype down ward from very top of its screen. You can add and remove upto 9 home panel as usual and fill all of them with icons and widgets of your choice selecting from main menu.


Main Menu

Notifi Center

NOIR i9 has 4 themes and a lot of preloaded wallpapers. You can choice that match your taste. It gives you a menu to maintain your home screen when you press on its menu button and on long press on home button it shows you multi task switcher mood as shown below.

Home Menu

Multi tasking

Adding to home


Wallpaper Menu


Messages and Telephony
Voice quality of this phone is very good and it handles all the network in a flawless manner. Its dial pad is big that gives you liberty to use with very ease. Its message user interface is also pleasant that assist you with fine behaviour and you can type on it with pleasant experience. You can directly access to call history page from dial pad by swyping towarad left and obviously Phonebook, call history and caller groups follows on more swypes. 

Dial Pad


Key Pad

Gallery and Camera User interface
This phone has the typical Android 4.2 gallery that offers several ways to show the thumbnails of your photos. You can view it in grid menu, in viewstrip menu and also arrange them in groups according to dates and place. It obviously gives opputunity to share and edit your photos direct from Gallery. Its 8.0MP auto focus camera user interface has capability to use full screen as view finder that looks a charm. 

Gallery 01

Gallery 02
Viewing a single photo

Sharing options

Camera view finder

QMobile NOIR i9 Camera Samples
Its camera quality is wonderfully awesome and we impress a lot from its still photo and video results. You can see sample video recorded by its camera Here and below are some photos that are captures by the 8MP back camera of QMobile NOIR i9.
PIC 01 PIC 02
PIC 03 PIC 04
PIC 05 PIC 06

Web browsing, Bench Mark, Gestures and Other apps
Internet surfing on this phone is also a splendid task that gives you awesome results. It aslo handle All other social apps like facebook, twitter, Skype, Flipboard etc in a nice way. QMobiles' typical apps are also in it which includes QAlbum, QStudio etc. E-mail checking from any service is ok. We have also run Antutu benchmark on it and the result is below.

Web browsing



BenchMark score

Battery Timing 
It has 1800mAh battery that remain with you for a long day on a full charge. You can make calls, messages , web surfing and social media using without any tention on this device. We have received some issues with its battery but in our view that are unit specific problems and not the batteries of all NOIR i9 models show problems.

In our view, this is a quite large phone. As you know, we don't give them high marks to big phone due to lack of compactness in hand and pocket. Its weight is also somewhat more than other phones of its dimensions. But there are many advantages of big screens as a better video play back view and easy message typing etc. It offers a variety of of colors in back cover but its earpiece show the actual color of device. When you put a different color of back on it, it looks partisan but the color of earpiece spoil your wish to make it a graceful device due to color difference. Anyhow its display is excellent despite of LCD panel and it excela in this field. 

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