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QMobile QTab Q1000 Video Review in Urdu (Full length in two parts)

QTab Q1000 Video and Text Review

Finally, It is completed and here to show you the Flagship tablet of QMobile in action. It is all about functions and features of QMobiles' 8.0" inch tablet QTab Q1000. This tablet has a large body that is similar to QMobile NOIR A910 from back side. It is a tablet that supports GSM connectivity as well as
3G. Its 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core processor does well in all around the user interface. Its 1 GB of RAM assist its CPU well.
It also offers a memory card (T-Flash) slot. It is somewhat heavy that is of 415 grams. We have baked it video in two parts. In First part, We have checked its general functions, display qualilty, touch response, notification centers, Camera user interface, Gallery look and the features present in gallery. Whereas In Second Part of the video review, we go through USB On the Go, internet browsing, gaming, other major built-in applications on board and a detailed examination of its setting menu on this flagship tablet of QMobile. Don't forget to see Text Review below this video

QTab Q1000 Video Review (Part 01)

QTab Q1000 Video Review (Part 02)
QTab Q1000 Body and Controls

QMobile Q1000 has a solid metal and plastic mixed body. It is fit in hand instead of its heavy weight. You get accustomed to it soon when you start using it. It has nice edges that give proper grip in hand. On front side it has 7.9" screen, a front cam above the screen and a red colored indicator light. This light warns you when your put it on charge and when you have a notification in your tablet. It also start blinking when battery remain below 15%. Three typical Android capacitive buttons are inside the screen.
QTab Q1000 Front Virew QTa b Q1000 back side
QTab Q1000 Left side QTab Q1000 right side
QTab Q1000 another view QTab Q1000 back

On the back side of this tablet there is an 8.0MP AF camera lens and an LED flash light on top and on lower left and right corners there are two time speaker grills. On left side of this tab there is power button and a volume rocker key, on top it has T-Flash card slot, charging slot, 3.5mm audio jack and mini-sim card slot. Its right and bottom sides are empty.

QTab Q1000 Display Quality and Home Screen
      This tablet has 7.9" diagonal display with 768x1024 pixels resolution. This resolution give it an appropriate pixel per inch value. Its colors are robust that renders a crisp and tasty display that seem pleasant to eyes. It display is visible to different angles by dint of IPS technology. In dark rooms and in sun light its visibility is good enough.

Home Screen

Noti. center 01

Noti center 02

On its home screen there are total seven icons in lower tray that you can change according to your needs. You can fetch more icons and widgets on its home screens. Its special feature is its two separate notification centers. When you swype down ward from upper left corner, it opens contorlling icons and when you do same gesture from upper right corner, it open notifications. Three buttons are on lower end of screen. A back button, a home button and a button acts as task switcher among different opened applications. When you do a long press on home button it opens "Google Now".

It has four preloaded themes and a number of Wallpaper to change the look of your tablet. It also have several dynamic effect for making your scrolls more fantastic across the home screens and main menu pages.


Wallpaper Menu

Live Wallpapers

Telephony and Message

This tablet support GSM and 3G networks via mini sim. Its dial pad is big enough and phone book is also a looker. You can use is as your professional phone book while in office or in travel. It make calls through its speakers as there is no earpiece on its body. You have to use audio handset to privatise your call. 

Dial Pad


Message typing

It messages user interface is similar like other QMobile handsets but its keyboard is very much facilitated that gives you liberty to type with both hands. When you tilt it in landscape mood its buttons become bigger and you can easily type a message, a note or an E-mail on it by putting it into your lap or on the table in front of you. 

Still Camera result and Gallery

Tablet are the devices that you can use as photo frame. These are actually a true demonstrator of your art and pictures to other in an outright way. So the viewing of images and photos on the screen of QTab Q1000 is a really a charm and you feel fascinated when your start viewing images and videos on its screen. It has facility to float a playing video. You can open a video in a smaller floating window and put anywhere on the screen. With watching video on this smaller screen you can perform other tasks on its screen. Like you can write a message or surf a web.

Gallery Thumbs

Sharing options

Editing a pic

In Gallery it offers you several sharing options and it also provides you chance you playback your all images in a slideshow. You can edit your pictures right from gallery and make them more concentrated.

Qtab Q1000 Camera Sampless

Here are some of the photos that has been taken with the built-in 8.0MP camera of this tablet

Sample 01

Sample 02

Sample 03

Sample 04

Sample 05

Sample 06

Web Browser, E-mail, Google services

Experience of web surfing or other internet related tasks on this tables is really fast and it loads almost all the web pages in no time provided that you have a strong wi-fi connection in hand. Android web browser provides good features. You can open many tabs same as you do in your desktop browsers. Checking your E-mails and writing new ones is also a pleasant task on this tab. It gives smooth feeling throughout the task. Google Maps, Play Store and related services are also run well on this 8incher gadget of QMobile.

Web browsind

Google Maps


Quick Menu, Multitasking, Applications, Settings

It has a built in Quick Menu function. From its setting you can activate Quick Menu icon that floats on your screen through out the interface. From this Menu you can take a snapshot, turn off screen, take a screen shot of any of the open application. You can also add shortcuts of various apps as per your need in this tiny menu that remain on your screen in a red colored "Q" similar as QMobiles' official logo. QApps included QAlbum, QStudio, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Most prominent is kingSoft office, in which you can make and edit your documents of EXCEL and WORLD. There is a large numbers of applications are obviously in PlayStore to enhance your stuff. It also offers you smart Tools that icluded compass, Level meter, Foot, Tools for measuring angles, sound and viberations.

Quick Menu

Smart Tools

Multi app swicther

Games, Bench Mark result

This tablet show lower rank performance in playing games and even very basic games do not run very smoothly. We played Temple Run2 and Subway Surf on this machine but both these games show lags while loading and running initially.
Its Benchmark results are shown below that gives you an idea about its 2D and 3D graphics performance. 

Antutu Result

Temple Run2

Subway Surf

Battery performance and Conclusion

This tablet has a large 4500mAh battery that take 2 hours for complete charging but when it charge, it demonstrate you its solidity and remains with you for a adequate span of time. This tablet is launched with a high price in my view, its price should be somehow low. QTab X50 was also annouced originally with a high price but the company soon decreased the price of X50. So it is possible that in coming time QTab Q1000 may also undergo a price cut. 

~~~ Prose

1- Super fast web browsing
2- Excellent still and video camera results
3- Long battery
4- Crisp display with 16M colors
5- USB on the Go cable in box

~~~ Cons

1- Games do not show a smoot run on it
2- Memory card is not SD but T-Flash
3- Heavy in weight
4- No protecting case in box
5- Confined to Android 4.2

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