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QMobile NOIR A170 Video Review in Urdu (Full Length)

Fighting champ

QMoile is stepping forward in mid-range mobile phones with rich features and applications. QMobile NOIR A170 is a new member of the Army of affordable smart phones by QMobile. It has a large 5.0 inch Screen size that is packed with 854x480 Pixels inside it. It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly bean.

Inside the heavy body of this phone there is a 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core processor that provides a decent speed. It has oily surface on the screen that gives a pleasant and unique touch experience on the display of this handset. It has three capacitive buttons on the front , a physical lock button on the right side and physical volume rockers on the left side .
Here is the Full lenght Video Review of QMobile NOIR A170. (Video camera result of NOIR A170 is also included in this video)

QMobile NOIR A170 Full Phone Specifications

On the top side there is a charging port and a Audio jack and on the bottom....
side there is only a microphone and nothing else. On the back side of the body of this phone there is a 5.0 Mega pixels camera with LED flash light. The flash light can also be used as emergency ligth. On the lower part of back cover there is a QMobile logo and a speaker grill. Inside the back cover there are two sim card slots pared with a hole for inserting memory card. An "8GB" card is incluced in the retail box of QMobile NOIR A170. There is also a 2000mAh battery.

QMobile NOIR A170 Live Pictures

Click to enlarge 
Noir A170 Live
Click to enlarge 
Noir A170 in hand
Click to enlarge 
Noir A170 in hand back
Click to enlarge 
Noir A170 back Cover open
Click to enlarge 
Noir A170 Top View
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Noir A170 Side View
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Noir A170 Front Camera and ear piece
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Noir A170 Volume Rocker

Home Screen and Main Menu

  There is an option to add upto nice home screens in QMobile NOIR A170. A unique thing in the software of this phone is the placement of main menu or launcher button. The button is placed on the right corner in the bottom row of icons . It is a change in the trend of QMobile smart phone and this time it is similar with the look of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones with regard to the placement of main menu button.If you want to add or delete home screens , you will have to give a long press to main menu button and a home screen launcher will appear on screen . You can easily add or delete home screens with this launcher. To add icons on any of your screen is also easy. Do a long press on any of icon in main menu to bring it on your home screen. There is also option to put more than one icons in a folder. Only do a long press on a icon and take it over another icon. A folder is automatically created on the very place. You can rename this folder according to your taste.

Click to Enlarge imageA170 Home Click to Enlarge imageA170 Main Menu Click to Enlarge imageA170 Widgets

Themes, Wall papers, Telephony and Messaging

This phone comes with four pre-loaded themes . Every theme has unique icon styles. There is a large number of wallpapers are present in the wallpaper menu but QMobile did not added any new wallpaper in the list of both static and live wallpapers. The colors of wallpapers are mostly blueish which sometimes bother your eyes. Telephony on this phone is quite good but the voice in earpiece is not ultra Clear. The voice quality during call is below average. The dial pad is quite large and easy to handle . There is call history on the right tab and phone book is ahead if you swipe once again towards right. The message user interface is also the same as tradition there is no new thing. But there is a lot of option to add multi-media during an sms to convert it into MMS. There is the same traditional lag during the scrolling of messaging in a single opened thread and this problem is not fixed.
A170 Wallpaper tray A170 Dial Pad A170 Key board

Camera and Photography
This phone has a 5.0 Mega pixels auto focus camera that captures a good quality photos . There is also a LED light that is useful to take pictures or record video in darker places. The camera user interface has two buttons , one for capture a picture and other for starting to record a video . The setting menu also same and is divided into three tabs. First tab is for general setting and the second and third is for camera and video setting respectively.
A51 Box
A51 Front View
A51 box back

QMobile NOIR A170 Camera Samples
Still image result of the camera of QMobile NOIR A170 are here.
Picture taken by QMobile NOIR A170 
Noir A170 Camera Sample 01
Picture taken by QMobile NOIR A170 
Noir A170 Camera Sample 02
Picture taken by QMobile NOIR A170 
Noir A170 Camera Sample 03
Picture taken by QMobile NOIR A170  Noir A170 Camera Sample 04
Picture taken by QMobile NOIR A170  Noir A170 Camera Sample 05 Picture taken by QMobile NOIR A170 
Noir A170 Camera Sample 06

This Phone has a typical android 4.2 gallery style . When you open gallery the photos open in folders. You can arrange them with respect to place , time and size. Viewing a single photo and swiping among photos is a pleasant experience in this phone. 

QMobile NOIR A170 Web browser

Web browsing experience on this handset is also an acquisite feeling and page loading speed and tilting between landscape and portrait mood is also very smooth. There is an Android web browser on the main screen and you can download more web browsers like Opera mini and Chrome etc.

A170 browser 01
A170 browser 02
A170 browser 03

QMobile NOIR A170 Other Apps

Other apps like Calender , Calculator and Notes are also very use full and there is a lot of options are present inside these applications. On the large screen of this phone these apps provide better feeling than the phones with smaller screens.


Music player of this phone is also very yummy and the voice quality of its loud speaker is excellent . Audio recorder of this phone records very clear quality of sounds and it is a good multimedia player for watching videos on it. Its clock has also very decent look. There is a stop watch for your games and sports.

 Music Player  Stop Watch  Clock

QMobile NOIR A170 battery

This phone has 2000 mAh battery that gives a long days of heavy usages and two or three days on moderate usage. It can last more than four days in standby with you. It provides a long 7 hours of talk time consistently .

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