Wednesday, February 12, 2014

QMobile announces a new tablet , QTab Q300

QMobile QTab Q300 is officially announced today

Electronic slates are going more popular day by day in this magical era of fast communications. Yes, We are talking about wonderful and amazing slate like gadgets, that are better known as Tablets. Tablets are the big brothers of  smart phones. QMobile has enlighten their name in the field of smart phone with its famous NOIR Series. After serving a lot in the field of mobile phones , QMobile has started representation of Tablets in Pakistani market. QTablet X50 was the first tablet of the compnay and the QTab Q300 is very second tablet in the portfolio of QMobile.

Q300 is an GSM tablet with Dual-Sim card support. It has 7.0 inch screen.Its body measures 191 x 107.5 x 9.5mm.It is fabulous thing that QMobile is constantly providing thin devices with below 10mm of thickness. It has SVGA resolution of 600 x 800 Pixels on the screen that gives it a 143 pixels per inch value. Its means its display is mediocre display but not too bad in display images. This tablet has 1.3 Ghz Dual - Core Processor and it runs on Android 4.2 Jelly bean operating system . Android 4.3 and 4.4 is also available in market but QMobile is presenting their lastest phones and tablets with old 4.2 version. This phenomenon is very strange and QMobile has not announced any device with the latest version of Android operating system. Many other companies like Samsung , LG and Sony have launched their phones with latest Android version. 

QTab Q300 has 5.0 mega pixels primary camera with autofocus facility and an LED light is also placed near the camera lens to assist the camera in darkness. It also have a 2.0 Mega pixels front facing camera for video chat and taking self portraits.

This tablet has 16 GB internal memory and 1 GB of RAM . There is also a card slot for expanding memory with an additional micro SD memory card. It supports upto 32 GB of memory card.

Qtab Q300 has 2800 mAh battery, that will stay with you easily at least one day of full usages.

The price of this second tablet of the company is very low than that of the first tablet X50 . The price of first tablet of QMobile was senslessly very high therefore that has not been sell in excess amount. The company has done good job in making decision this time. The price of Qtab 300 is 10,000 Rupees less than Tablet X50. Its price is only 14,900. It seems that this tablet will gain more market share for the company due to its relatively less price.

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