Wednesday, January 22, 2014

iPhone 4 Relaunched in India

Apple iPhone 4 , again in India

It is an interesting news in the world of mobile phone and relatively a amazing good piece of news for iPhone lovers of India that Apple has launched its iPhone 4 once again in India . Yes, it is the news of Indian Times that the famous company Apple has released its 4th flagship phone iPhone 4 in India at the price of 22,900 indian rupees. 
iPhone 4, which was first time announced in June 2010 and it was really an trend setting and stunning phone of the time. Its design was totally changed from its predecessors iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. It was made with glass on the both sides on front as well as on back panel. Its screen resolution was also wonderful. There is 640 x 960 pixels are packed in 3.5 inch screen that provide really crispy pixel per inch value of 330 ppi. 
This phone had gain much attraction among the people . With the advent of latest model of the company iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C the sells of iPhones go on fall. Iphone 5C and 5S are very costly.The price of iPhone 5S in India is 53,500 indian rupees while the price of its sibling iPhone 5C is 41,900 indian rupees. So people do not show much interest in the latest flagship of the company.

Now , Apple relaunch its 4 year old phone in India at relatively low price. Apple has launched this phone with the latest firmware of its iOS 7. But the other features are same old like 3.5 inch screen and 5MP camera of the phone. No doubt this phone was really a magnificent piece of technology when it was launched but today other operating systems have also made their place in market. Another fact is this that Motorola's mid-range model Moto G is also about to come in India in coming weeks , and its price will might be less than than the price of recently relaunched iPhone 4. The announced Apple iPhone 4 has 512 MB Ram , 8 GB internal memory and 1 Ghz processor . These specs are very low from the standard of these days and the asked price.
 So this time, it will be hard to assume that Apple will succeed in turning its name  into cash with the 4 year old iPhone flagship. 

One thing that emerge from this news of launch of iPhone is that , the import of iPhone 4 will might increase in Pakistan due to excess of these phones in neighbourhood and price of this phoen will further go down.

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