Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES 2014 (Consumer Electronis Show)

CES 2014 is started in LAS VEGAS, USA 

International CES, that is more commonly known as "Consumer Electronics Show" (CES), is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting well known companies and industry professionals through the world. The annual show is held each January at the "Las Vegas Convention Center" in Las Vegas, that is a city of United States of America.
Not open to the public, the Consumer Electronics Association-sponsored show typically hosts previews of products and new product announcements. CES rose to prominence after a rival show, COMDEX, was canceled . 

This year of CES was scheduled for 07 to 10 january . That is today started in Las Vegas and is now in full swing and there can be seen huge heaps of new gadgets, the most interesting of which one can take the time to handle. Stunningly, tablets were a big deal this year, bigger than phones. There were still a lot of smartphone action is sure in the show, but this year the headlines will be the phablets and bigger things than those. 

According to the official words

"The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace."

 There are "15" categories of the things those exhibit in the show as given below

-Automotive Electronics
-Computer Hardware & Software
-Connected Home
-Content Distribution
-Digital Health and Fitness
-Digital Imaging/Photography
-Electronic Gaming

-Emerging Technology
-Internet-Based Multimedia Systems
-Lifestyle Electronics
-Wireless & Wireless Devices

The first CES took place in New York City in June of 1967. Since then, thousands of products have been announced at the yearly show, including many that have transformed our lives.

 There is another credit of this show that is the World-Changing Innovations and concepts have been announced at CES first time

Some of the innovations are listed below

    Videocassette Recorder (VCR), 1970 

    Laserdisc Player, 1974

    Camcorder, 1981

    Compact Disc Player, 1981

    Digital Audio Technology, 1990

    Compact Disc - Interactive, 1991

    Mini Disc, 1993

    Radio Data System, 1993

    Digital Satellite System, 1994

    Digital Versatile Disk (DVD), 1996  

    High Definition Television (HDTV), 1998   Hard-disc VCR (PVR), 1999

    Digital Audio Radio (DAR), 2000

    Microsoft Xbox, 2001

    Plasma TV, 2001

    Home Media Server, 2002

    HD Radio, 2003

    Blu-Ray DVD, 2003

    HDTV PVR, 2003

    HD Radio, 2004

    IP TV, 2005

    An explosion of digital content services, 2006

    OLED TV, 2008

    3D HDTV, 2009

    Tablets, Netbooks and Android Devices, 2010

    Motorola Atrix, Microsoft Avatar Kinect, 2011

    Ultrabooks, 3D OLED, Android 4.0 tablets, 2012

    Ultra HDTV, Flexible OLED, Driverless Car Technology,  2013

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