Friday, January 24, 2014

Two new bar phones announced by QMobile as well as A smart phone

QMobile New Bar phones, E20 , G220
QMobile added 1 smart phone and 2 bar phones in its menu

QMobile is a famous and well known brand in the field of mobile phones in Pakistan. QMobile is very anxious to increase its bar phone range and the company keeps continue the launching of new phone with the passage of time. QMobile bar phones are very cheap and provide good quality experience for every day usage of mobile phone.

 It has today announced two new mobile phones. One of phone between these bar phones is basic entry-level phone and it is released under the model number G220. This phone has a 2.0 screen with 144 x 176 (QCIF) resoulution.
The body gives us 113 x 48mm length and width respectively and a fatty 14.3mm of thickness when we take its measurements.  This is a stylish phone with basic camera . It has no light with camera, so the camera cannot use in dark environments. It has a good keypad with flourishing look. It is Dual-Sim phone with both the sims active at the same time. It software is also new which allows five icons on home screen for ease of reach. 

Second bar phone announced by QMobile is E20. It is a phone with a large 2.8 inch screen. It has 240 x 320 resolution that is also called as QVGA resolution. The body of this phone is made with a super cool material and its look are very glorious.

 The key pad of this phone have buttons with a design of single single partition , that gives you very correct location for pressing the buttons when you dial a number or type a SMS. This phone contains a 2.0 Mega pixels camera with flash light , so you can snap your memorable moments in the day light as well as in the internal rooms where no electricity is available. You can also use its flash light for your routine work in dark area.

This phone is thin up to 11.7 mm and its length and width are 128.5 and 56.2mm respectively. This phone has a unique feature that is TV output , for catching signals of Television program it also has an external antenna that will provide a clear transmission on your phone screen. 

The smart phone announced by the company at the same time of these two phones is NOIR A170. This is slim phone with 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core processor . 

 It has a 5 Mega pixels camers with LED light pared with front cam for video calling. This phone has a large 5.0 inch bright display that gives very sharp viewing angles. This thing also put it into the category of phablets. It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly bean operating system.

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