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Samsung Note 3 Review and Features Video

  Samsung Note 3 is the 3rd phone of its Note sereis . It is excellent in features and heavy in price than its predecessors Note I and Note II . its specification Sheet is really an awesome specs sheet which depicts that Samsung is going towards right way in the field of phablets . This phone is big in size as well so if you have to put in your pocket , you will have big pockets than usual.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features  in Urdu

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Its dimensions are 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm . So it is very large but thin phone . It is only 168 g in weight . It is very fit in hand and gives royal touching experience . This device runs of Android 4.3 jelly bean . It is available in two versions with respect to processor . One with 1.9Ghz and other is 2.4Ghz Quad-Core . It is equipped with Adreno 330 GPU which provides best graphics and gaming experience .

Crispy Display  

 Note 3 has a pixel density of 1080 x1920 pixels which gives fabulous 386 pixels per inch view . The Material used in making this device is very unique, the edges of the phone are ridged, a design taken from the pages of a book. While the effect isn't unpleasant, and does add some grip, we're not convinced by the marketing tick. On the top-right corner of this outer band, there is power as well as standby button. Given the size of this phone, it likely won't sit in a comfortable spot for everyone. If you instinctively pick your mobile up from the bottom section (so it sits at the base of your palm), then only those with larger hands, or lengthy fingers, will be able to reach it easily. This is nearly a 6-inch gadget. It comes with the huge region. 

On back it has 13 MP auto focus Camera with flash light . Its results are very awesome .

It has stylish new back panel which is look like a leather like touch and look . Company's this back is appreciated all around the world . There is a place where S Pen lives in the back and it has its mouth on bottom. Inside the back cover there lives a 3,200mAh battery (a boost from the Note II's 3,100mAh cell). It has also NFC and wireless charging contacts, and the microSD / microSIM slot. The latter two sit right atop each other, which is easy to miss at first glance. If you've not seen this before, on first inspection you can spend a few moments looking for the memory card holder, until spotting it, right there in plain sight. The microSD slot supports cards as large as 64GB.

S Pen and New environment 

Samsung Galaxy note 3 is an advanced gadget which totally changes the concept of a stylus pen for a phablet . 

Samsung has added various new features in this device which totally gives a new experience of S-Pen usage over its Screen . 

Galaxy gear
 Are you looking this watch with amazing eyes ? Oh be normal . This is a watch controlling your Note 3 . It is called Galaxy Gear . It is compatible with this device as well as other latest devices of the company . It is a new trend in market to control your actions with watch without taking out the Note 3 from you pocket . It will handle all the major actions like read a message , make or receive a Voice call , bluetooth file sending and receiving etc . Other companes are on the way to make their own watches to sync their phones and other electronic devices .

Camera result of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 

Samsung Galaxy note 3 has an awesome 13 MP back camera . The Camera user interface is similar to the Galaxy Camera interface. A single viewfinder controll both still and video capture, so you don't need to switch modes. However, this is certainly not the most convenient solution as, if you're shooting full resolution 13MP photos, you'll have to frame your videos using a 4:3 viewfinder.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is able to capture 2160p video , more commonly referred to 4K. It translates to videos of 3840 x 2160 resolution, or in other words, four times the resolution of 1920 x 1080 FullHD clips. The latter is also available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in standard 30 frames per second mode along with the smooth 1080p@60fps video recording.

Audio Qaulity

A good feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the feature that it improves your listening experience further with Smart Sound, which equalizes the volume between tracks. Second best feature is Adapt Sound - it plays a series of beeps (both high and low frequency) and asks if you can hear them. This way the phone can map the capacities of your specific headset and fine-tune its output for optimal sonic experience

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