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Mobiles Categorization
Mobile phones Categorization 

There are a large number of Android phones are available in market and every day their amount is increasing. When someone want to buy a New mobile phone with Android OS, he thinks a lot after select a suitable one for him/herself. We made a classification of sets with respect to their feature and price range . So in our full feature specification page of every phone , we added a row in which we have mentioned the category of the phone . This article is very use full to understand the price range of every category . Once you read this article you will be easily search the best suitable phone according to your budget . We have classified the Android phones into six total categories . Here is the brief overview of our all six categories .

Category No. 1 : ECONOMY 

Price range upto : 8,000 PKR
  This is the basic category . The phones with basic features and price range upto Rs: 8000/- rupees fall in this category . This is best category to choose a phone with basic needs like only making calls or sending SMS with light web browsing and entertainment . The Camera in this range is 2 MP or 3 MP and Screen size is about 3.0" to 4.0" inches . Pixels density in these phones are below average. So this category is the best for usage of phone in mediocre level phone users . For example QMobiles A1 , A2 lite , A2 , A30 , A34 fall in this category .

Category No. 2 : Mid Range
Price range upto : 15,000 PKR
  Second category is "Mid Range" .The phone with price thag below or equal to 15,000 Pakistani Rupees will fall in this category . The level of these phones are above than economy phone but RAM is relatively low in these phone that is why they are unable to handle heavy apps or games. These are also unable to handle large number of actions simultaneously. Sometime these phones annoy you due to their low processing power and below average RAM. Screen size of these phones can between 3.0" to 4.5" . For example QMobile A35 , A65 , A55 lies in this category .

Category No. 3 : Rich Feature affordable
Price range upto : 20,000 PKR
Third category is "Rich Feature Affordable" . The phones with price tag upto 16,000 Pakistani Rupees will fall in this category . These phones have high quality feature which can fulfill the needs of a professional sportsman or a journalist. These phones can have Screen size upto 5.0" and camera about 5 MP or higher than this . The Processor are also average speed till the date they launched . These phones are the best substitution of money . What money you spend for these phones , they give their best payback to you in almost all features . For example QMobile NOIR A9, A51 , A80 , A500 lie in this category .

Category No. 4 : A-Class
Prior to Premier models
 The fourth Category is "A-Class" handsets. The phone with price tage above than 25,000 Pakistani Rupees. These phone comes with good features but with low quality hardware equipment. They comes with variety in the field like Screen size, Camera, Processor, GPU, the material used in their construction etc. These are the factors that they vary in the prices. For example QMobile NOIR A600, A700, A900 , A650 , A910, lie in this category .

Category No. 5 : Premier
Prior to Flagship models
The fifth category is "Premier" mobile phones. There are very close to Flagship phones. These phone are made with high quality stuff. They are graceful in looking and have precious features inside them. Everybody like to see these phones because these phones provides delicious experience in usage both in term of hardware and software. These phone have almost best available feature, like Camera, Display quality, Battery timing, Connectivity etc, up to the date of their launch. Their hardware is also of standard quality which provides real grace to their users when they hold them in hand.

Category No. 6 : Flagship
Price range: Almost Highest among as compared to all other phones of a company
The last category is "Flagship". This category is the supreme category. In general only one phone has the title of Flagship is a company's portfolio in a given period of time. This title goes to the next phone when company launches more advance phone than the previous. Its specifications are the best possible spces among all the phones and it is a leader of all the phones of a company. It is the representative and an identity of the company in a given period of time. Its price is almost above the prices of all the phones in a company's portfolio. For example QMobile NOIR Z5 and Z6, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), Sony Z3 and Apple iPhone 6 etc.

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