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QMobile NOIR A34 Vs NOIR A30 (Comparison Video)

QMobile NOIR A34 Vs NOIR A30 

QMobile has announced two new phones in budget range . The company is fighting in all the fields and presenting phones for every class of phone users . These two brothers are collectively presented under the name of "The family phones" . These two are very similar in the TV ads and in the advertising commercials and on the Flex sign boards . But they have some difference . We have used both of them and we marked differences both in the outlook and inside the phones . We have also shoot a small video to demonstrate you the things which are different in both brothers .

Here is a short Video of the design of both phones and a comparison .

QMobile NOIR A30 VS QMobile NOIR A34 from Bilal Saeed on Vimeo.

Both phones have 3.5 inch display with 320 x 480 pixels . so the PPI value of both the phones are same . The RAM is 256 and internal memory is 512MB in each phone . Camera on the back side of both phones is 2.0 Mega pixels . NOIR A30 has flash light while the A34 has no flashlight  with the camera . Both have

QMobile NOIR A34  

(Pros and Cons)

QMoile NOIR A34 has a latest firm wear of Android 4.2.2
QMobile NOIR A34 has a somehow curve edges
QMobile NOIR A34 has no flash light 
QMobile NOIR A34 has no Speaker ( Earpiece is also work as speaker)
QMobile NOIR A34 has almost faded color display

QMobile NOIR A30  

(Pros and Cons)

 QMobile NOIR A30 has Quadrangle shape
 QMobile NOIR A30 has an LED light near camera lens
 QMobile NOIR A30 has brighter display than A34

QMobile NOIR A34 and NOIR A30 held in hand
A30 front A34 front
A30 back A34 back
A30 camera lens with flash light A34 camera lens (No light)
QMobile NOIR A34 and NOIR A30 Box Contents

 QMobile NOIR A34 has a CD in its box that is an extra thing which we have not found in the box of NOIR A30 . All other stuff are same in the retail box of both the phones. A phone , A charger with data cable , A book let , A battery and a warranty card . There is no memory card provided with both the phones .

A30 Box Contents A34 box Contents

Here we have taken four pictures separately with the camera of both phones. Camera result of NOIR A30 is slightly ahead than the result of NOIR A34. But that is not a big difference . Here are the results .

QMobile NOIR A30 Camera result

A30 cam pic 01 A30 cam pic02
A30 cam pic 03 A30 cam pic 04

 QMobile NOIR A34 Camera result

A34 cam pic 01 A34 cam pic 02
A34 cam pic 03 A34 cam pic 04

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