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QMobile NOIR A30 Video Review in Urdu (Full Length)

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QMobile has launched a pair of new Android phones in lower price range . These phone are NOIR A30 and NOIR A34 .QMobile has given the title of "The family phones" to both these brothers . These phones run on Android 4.2 Jelly bean and they give good response to the user .
NOIR A30 is Second phone of this couple . It has also 3.5 inch Screen on the front with 320 x 480 pixels resolution as its brother NOIR A34. It has a larger earpiece than NOIR A34 and square like body. Its pixels per inch value is same as the other phone of this couple has that is about 165ppi ..
. It RAM is 256 MB and ROM or internal memory is 512MB.

QMobile NOIR A30 Video Review

QMobile NOIR A30 Live Pictures

NOIR A30 Box in hand NOIR A30 phone on box
NOIR A30 Box Contents NOIR A30 Live front
NOIR A30 Live front Screen On NOIR A30 Back View
NOIR A30 Camera on back  NOIR A30 Speaker on back
NOIR A30 in hand
NOIR A30 in hand back side
NOIR A30 Display micro picture NOIR A30 three buttons
NOIR A30 back pannel

NOIR A30 with HTC Wildfire S NOIR A30 with HTC Wildfire S Back sides

QMobile NOIR A30 Themes
QMobile NOIR A30 comes with four preloaded themes and all the themes have different and stylish icon style and overall look . You will find every theme with a unique user interface look and taste .

Themes Over view Theme 01 Theme 02
Theme 03 Theme 04

QMobile NOIR A30 Phonebook

QMobile NOIR A30's Phone book is designed in very basic looks . It has white back ground and black fonts . If you scroll the list from right navigation bar , it annoys you much and after many trying you find it workable . It has three tabs as traditional Android phonebook of QMobiles . 

phone book 01 phone book2 phone book3

QMobile NOIR A30 Messaging

Messaging on NOIR A30 Messaging LandScap

QMobile NOIR A30 Display

QMobile NOIR 30 has five home Screens . On every Screen you can place your favourite icons with you own settings . It has very responsive and friendly interface on home. You can adjust widgets and icons of your desire at any place on the five available home screens. This is a very useful feature of Android. This phone has five home screens while the NOIR A34 has nice home screens so in this respect this phone is in low rank that its sibling phone the QMobile NOIR A34. But five screens options is not too bad either.

NOIR A30 Display 01 NOIR A30 Display 02 NOIR A30 Display 03
NOIR A30 Menu NOIR A30 NOIR A30 Multi tasking

QMobile NOIR A30 Camera Result

 No matter,as QMobile NOIR A30 has a 2.0 MP camera but its Camera result of NOIR A30 is wonderful . In this price range a phone can give this standard of still images and Video quality . It is best deal in these rupees . You will also get a flash light for night photos and the result of night video is also awesome in the light of the bulb embeded near the camera lens of Qmobile NOIR A30 . Its videos are very smooth and give good result though the camera is not auto focus but you will not be able to find difference between the result of a fixed focus camera and the camera of this phone . This will easily fulfill your video and still photography need in your daily life. We have taken some photos with the camera of this phone . Here are these for you .

QMobile NOIR A30 Camera Samples

Picture 01 Picture 02
Picture 03 Picture 04

QMobile NOIR A30 Music Player

 Music player of this phone is traditional Android which gives you four main tabs and its audio quality is very good .

NOIR A30 Music Player 01
NOIR A30 Music Player 02
NOIR A30 Music Player 03

QMobile NOIR A30 Conclusion

No matters though is that the little screen and the overall user experience will be deeply felt and appreciated if you own any other Android device in this price range. Yes, most of the time, a healthy dose of suspicion towards new products really makes sense. But if you want to give someone a phone and you have a budget around 7,800 Pakistani rupees, the QMobile NOIR A30 can be a fabulous gift for your friend or spouse . It can also be bought second hand in around 6,000 to 7,000 rupees in good condition having with several months of warranty . An important thing here is that if you want to choose between NOIR A30 or A34 . NOIR A43 will be much better decision only with a difference of 300 Rupees .

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