Saturday, December 28, 2013

QMobile Noir A34 Video Review in Urdu (Full length)

QMobile NOIR A34 Full Length Review

QMobile has launched a pair of new Android phones in lower price range . These phone are NOIR A30 and NOIR A34 .QMobile has given the title of "The family phones" to both these brothers . These phones run on Android 4.2 Jelly bean and they give good response to the user . NOIR A34 is first phone of this pair . It has 3.5 inch Screen on the front with 320 x 480 pixels resolution. Its pixels per inch value is about 165 . It has only 256 MB RAM and 512MB internal memory. It has a smaller earpiece than that of NOIR A30 and somehow a circular body .

Here is the full lenght Video Review of QMobile NOIR A34 .

QMobile NOIR A34 Video Review Full length in Urdu from Bilal Saeed on Vimeo.

QMobile NOIR A34 Live Pictures :

QMobile Noir A34 has average box package . It has a handset , A CD , A charger with data cable , a battery , a warranty card and a booklet or user manual . There is no memory card provided with this handsets and you have to buy a memory card separately whatever you want .

Noir A34 Box Noir A34 Box Contents
Noir A3 Front Noir A34 capacitive buttons
Noir A34 Earpiece and Front cam Noir A34 Right Side
Noir A34 Left side Noir A34 Top Side
Noir A34 Bottom Noir A34 Back zoom
 Noir A34 Back Side
Noir A34 in Hand
Noir A34 in Hand back Noir A34 Back pannel open

QMobile NOIR A34 Display
QMobile Noir A34 has a display which is poor in colors but rich in features . It has latest firm wear and it give you a lot of options to set your home screen according to your taste . It has nice home screens which is also removable and again addable .

Display pic 1 Display pic 2 Display pic 3
Display pic 4 Display pic 5

QMobile NOIR A34 Telephony

QMobile Noir A3 has a tiny dial pad which is not as good as the dial pads of other phones of this range like A30 . A30 has a better dial pad than this phone and the background is white here. Its phone book too comes in white back ground which give a childish look and feel but the navigation upward and downward in phonebook gives you delicious graphics .

Tele pic 1 Tele pic 2 Phone book view

QMobile NOIR A34 Messaging

QMobile Noir A34 has a good messages user interface . It has key board with cartoon icons and the option of writing with you voice , that is a cool feature of Android 4.0 and later versions . It has both portrait and landscape keyboard which let you write in a more appropriate way . You can feel liberty of big keyword when you turn your phone in landscape mood .

Message pic 01
Message pic 02
Message pic 03

QMobile NOIR A34 Setting 

QMobile Noir A34 has setting menu with white back ground . It has almost all the necessary option in setting menu . There is also Urdu language with many other languages . This is a very good feature for the users of Pakistan . You can run all of your phone in Urdu language when you set it .

Setting pic 01Setting  pic 02 
setting pic 03
Setting pic 04Setting pic 05

QMobile NOIR A34 Web browser

The Android browser of QMobile Noir A34 provide you good features but on the down side this phone has a low color display and limited pixels which exploit your browsing experience .

browser pic 01  
browser pic 02
browser pic 03
browser pic 04 browser pic 05

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